Graphic designs

These are a few of my latest graphic designs. It is forming into a series of organic lines and shapes. I have been playing around with my works in my advanced design classes, through this class I have found a muse to focus on... that being lines. They each represent my desires, loves, and passions.

Hannah Losa grapic design : silly boy lines
Hannah Losa graphic design : cherries
Hannah Losa graphic design : Ramen Noodles
Hannah Losa graphic design : fragile

Published Articles

I spent about six months as an editorial intern at Philadelphia Style Magazine. During my time there I spent most of my day fact checking articles which envolved reaching out to several different companies each day. In my free time though, my boss had me pitching digital article ideas each week. Though I went into this not expecting to write my own articles this experience brought me out of my comfort zone. Below are two of my favorite writings.
Philly Style Mag : Valentines Day decor Philly Style Mag : Get the Runway Look

Mood board

Mood boards are focused on how you want to feel. I’ve been doing vision boards and mood boards for quite some time now. I love doing them and find that they evoke both my creativity and my desires. It helps me gain clarity around what I want in my life and what I don’t want.
What I usually do is focus the board around an area of my life. Career / life work. Relationships. Money / security. Adventure. Experiences. This way the board has purpose and I can focus the mood around a specific area.

Hannah Losa Mood Board