My reflection
Part One:

When opening up my index page today, I realized it is so much better than I ever imagined it would be. Not only do the photos speak for me but the colors tie so sweetly with my personality. My voice is everything, yet I now let my website do the talking. As a waitress I am always being my most personable self, smiling to customers making them feel like they are in a comfortable environment. I believe my website now will make a viewer smile without reading a word. When the reader finally stumbles upon words though, the tone is friendly and attentive to those of all backgrounds and belongings. I write as I would talk, which can be a bad habit… but I take it as an opportunity to show my viewers the honest and kind soul I am.
My before and after of my site is monumental. Images, colors, and fonts have been changed dozen of times until finding the perfect balance for my audience. In my design persona I talked about how the colors of my mood are constantly changing, and I wasn’t lying! I was very focused on a vibrant color palette at the time and I slowly eased my way into a much more neutral palette. With the final colors I hope that they offer a welcoming tome and sense of love. When adding my banner to the top of my portfolio, contact, and about pages I designed it with bubbles of the new color palette in the background to really tie everything together as one emotional response. If there was anything else I could add, it would be a footer at the bottom of all my pages to give the viewer a more clean and concise page.

Part Two

I currently feel extremely comfortable with all I have learned in my time coding. While writing this assignment I tensed up when I saw we needed to link this from our about page to a new page. But... I took a deep breaths and realized I knew exactly how to do it. There isn’t much I would change other than adding a page that shows my instagram rather than just a link to the website. With my time restraints there just wasn’t enough hours in the week to figure that one out (but I know I could have if I tried). For future classes I suggest starting with simple ideas and expanding from there. I believe that I overwhelmed myself at first with all I imagined for my site which held me back. I ended up with a much simpler and easy to navigate page than expected, but so incredibly happy with the results.